Posted by Fi Ironside on Oct 09, 2022
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu! So many ways to say goodbye yet nothing makes it easier. 
With heavy heart, but lighter shoulders, I make my final post from the presidential hot seat. It really has been a privilege to work alongside you all in this small but mighty club. I've learned so much from you all and have truly appreciated every generous offer of support and assistance. 
I'm still in awe of the mountain of work that went into making the conference such a huge success and recognise the sense of accomplishment but also relief that as a club we could settle and just enjoy a wee bit of downtime. 
But as I was reminded this week, we can't continue to rest on our laurels, and I realised I didn't have the capacity to drive us forward. The unexpected event that resulted in me carrying three people's executive roles at work is all-consuming. Though I know the situation is temporary the demands on me for the foreseeable future are unlikely to subside. 
And therefore, I have let the club directors know that I am stepping down and tapping out for a while, to focus on my career and with a bit of luck and gumption I can land the permanent CEO role! 
So it's over and out from me, but it's not goodbye... just Tata for now xxx