Kisa started the practice if there were 5 Tuesdays in a calendar month we would go out for somewhere different for dinner
The restaurant was chosen by Elaine. It is just down the road from our home and what a culinary delight. Sakebar Nippon Epsom style Japanese Izakaya restaurant
There was Elaine and Morris, Jill, Les and Chris, Kerry and Lina, Edith and I. Great night for traffic jams and no parking. Parked in a 60 minute zone... no ticket.
When you entered the restaurant they played a noisy drum and said welcome in Japanese. You sure knew when the next guest was arriving. No shoes in the dining area. Les as is always prepared with his slip on shoes. Kerry said he was just keeping his seat warm for a year just for Elaine! News … Chris has just retired.
Then the meal was fantastic. We had five dishes. When I came to pay it was only $78 food and wine. I asked them to check that I had not been under charged. Our bill was one of the dearest.
Great company, great night Elaine.