Posted by Leanne Jaggs
What a week……..was invited to be an active participant at the June RI Board of Directors, which was for 3 hours over 4 days. This sounded good until I found out the Chicago time zone meant that I was going to be online from 12.30am to 3.30am for those 4 days…… Plus had to get up a little earlier to make myself look a little respectable, as had to have my camera on the whole time……
The usual June meeting is one that is short & sweet & pretty much non-substantive. Well…..not this one. We had 2 days that went to the 3 hour time, but then the last 2 days we went for 3-4+ hours, as quite a lot to discuss, debate, debate & did I mention debate……..
I was representing the RI Young PDG Committee I am on, so for the duration of the meetings, all current Directors, General Secretary, Foundation Trustee, & myself (lol) had to have our camera’s on, the rest being Directors-Elect & Rotary Staff, all present but camera’s off, so was pretty out there for me……. Thankfully they didn’t see my PJ bottom’s, slippers & blankie under my desk, with the fire on in the background, as man it gets cold at that hour of the evening…….
As you can imagine, I was an active participant, which is more than some of the Directors, who didn’t say Boo. I was asked prior to meeting to comment whenever I wanted, & act like a Director. The only thing I couldn’t do was vote. I am proud to say on one of the debates, my opinion was heard as they voted a different way than they probably would have, so stoked on that…….
The highlight was watching the Directors officially vote on make The Environment the 7th Area of Focus for our Rotary Foundation. It will mean in another year we will also be able to do Global Grants for this area of focus.
We also had drama, which did mean our last day went until 4.30am. Was incredible to watch how they deal with “naughty” people.
The topics were incredible & some will have effect for all of us in the near future. All in all, I was very proud to be representing this part of the world, & giving them a different view point, making them think at times a little differently. So one of my absolute highlights of the year!