Posted on Jul 26, 2021
Covid-19 has meant that instead of traveling overseas as our family would normally do, we have been seeing New Zealand. So for the past school holidays, we went up North, & finally after 50 years, I finally made it to the top of the North Island........ Have been to Kaitaia many, many times in my sales life, but never any further.
We were lucky that the rain stopped & we had an awesome day. We went on a tour bus (all 16 of us)and did Sand Duning which is another story in itself........ then bus raced down 90 Mile beach (no kidding, as OMG he knew how to drive this massive bus on the beach) Finally got to the lighthouse where it was a lovely walk down and then Izzy and I decided to walk up one of the small mountains to see the most amazing scenery. Seeing the 2 oceans collide was amazing and the day couldn't have been better.
My recommendation is simply  - SEE NEW ZEALAND, see why we are proud to be Kiwi's. We have sooooooo much to offer.......