Posted by Leanne Jaggs on Oct 11, 2021
After hearing that the kids will continue with going back to school next week to their online learning, I decided to write a couple of "happy" Covid-19 stories, so the first one is of Brayden.
Super proud with how both kids have done so well in their 6+ weeks of online learning, and Mike and I are so thankful that they both go to a great school that is able to give them the online learning, so they don't miss out on anything. They got very creative, as picture is of Brayden doing his Social Science speech on Sparticus. They even got the chance to do this in costume, and while Brayden thought this was silly, when they all got to listen to all the speeches in class (as kids recorded them and sent to teacher etc) there were probably only 3 students that didn't dress up for their speeches. Happy to report back that Brayden got a 90% for his speech, so was well worth all the painting and gluing of costume!