Posted by Leanne Jaggs on May 01, 2022
For the Jaggs family, our Queenstown School Holidays were nothing on what we thought they would be...... 3-4 days in we started dropping like flies......Yip Covid was rife in Queenstown and even taking our normal precautions, we couldn't run away from it..... Think it was from going on the Luge, or maybe go-karting, as hardly anyone even inside wore masks.....think they were so happy to have people shopping and spending money, they forgot all about Covid.
We were very lucky, as having a place in Queenstown, meant we didn't have to shell out for another week of accommodation, but our cheap airfares, soon turned out to be very expensive, as changing these was very "ching ching!" Started with Mike and I, Brayden next and Izzy the last to fall. Brayden you wouldn't have even known he had Covid, as no symptoms at all. Poor Izzy had a small cold for 2-3 days, but they both bounced back, where Mike and I still have the 100 day cough, but heaps better than when we first fell ill.
So lots of "inside" family time. Our normal 2-3 week jigsaw puzzle saw Izzy and I get this done in 2 days. Now to frame and put on the wall........ Just glad to finally be home, and kids didn't get to miss out on school. (I think they think