I had hoped this would be my last one, but hmmmmmmmmmm As mentioned at our meeting this week, I really need to pass this on to someone, as have a few other Rotary commitments this coming Rotary year, so need to free some time up. I also think I have done this for long enough & time for some fresh blood, as I am sure you must be getting sick of my many “fill in” stories…….. (amazing how much material you can “make up” when needed though….lol)
If we change things up a little, it will make this job a little easier. For example, assign a member each week that we know will be there to do the guest speaker blurb. This would include the week before in the write up on who is coming (seriously easy with the wonderful Mr Google) & then after they have talked to club, put something together. This HAS to be with the Bulletin Editor by end of Wednesday night, so that gives you 2 nights to write up, so not asking much. This alone will make a HUGE difference, so then the job of Bulletin Editor won’t be sooooooo time consuming.
The harping on about stories will never go away but if you are travelling, it will be a new prerequisite to write a story on your travels. If not travelling, your favourite café, restaurant etc. Best place to take kids on the weekend. Don’t care what, just SOMETHING would help.
Please have a good think about this, & I promise to show you the in’s & outs, but I am away in August for Rotary, so need to give this for someone by then. (promise to do a story for the bulletin on that trip though………lol)