Posted by Leanne Jaggs on Sep 01, 2019
Evanston is where Rotary's HQ is & what an amazing building. I spent 2 full days in meetings from 7.30am to 5pm, which was a real eye opener. No holds barred on comments, which was amazing, so will see what happens in the future.
I was lucky to have a tour of Evanston on my last day & our RI President Mark was in his office. They had a staff picnic to go too, hence the casual attire. The views were stunning & place quite incredible. Got to the floor where I saw Mum & Dad's photo, so a story for the club at some stage.
Best thing was the Direct flight from Auckland to Chicago. 16.5 hours home, but once you got on the plane, next stop home......... oh yes I did boost the US economy, so Trump will be happy with