Another great speaker this week with Rami, the GM for Link People. This group is part of Wise Group, with 10 other organisations including Pathways which Elaine works for, so a very small world. They actually grew out of Pathways back in early 2000 where they started with around 17 staff & now have over 100. Their property portfolio has also grown from 100 to about 260 houses. 
Their expertise is in mental health & follow the housing first model. Started with Homeless to emergency housing to transitional housing to finally permanent. Now homeless to permanent housing.
Different types of homeless
- 80% transitional (people you don't see as sleeping in cars, sheds etc
- 15% episodically (in & out of homelessness)
- 5% chronically (see on the streets)
Link People have no barriers, they look for what the person wants.
- try to get them engaged
- work on habits, trying to reduce eg drugs & addictions 
- engaging them into community
They do a lot in South Auckland & have housed 400 people since April 2017.
Was very interesting to hear so thanks Elaine for helping with the contact.