Another great speaker organized by Brett referred by Les
How can we have more energy at the end of day? We have two states relaxed or fight which is the instinct to survive when all our blood flow goes to our muscles and not our vital organs like the brain. We need to be taught to control our emotions and gain inner poise.
The body mind and spirit have 4 states.
Physical    Mental
Spiritual    Emotional
The heart is self regulated dependent on the state we are in and called the HRV or Heart Rate Variability
Frustration and impatience can increase our heart rate.
We can learn techniques to self regulate our heart rate so we can always make the right decisions when under pressure and reduce stress in the body. The techniques mean we sleep more peacefully and we can lose weight.
Brett volunteered to go on the HeartMaths computer monitor. Mistake. He was a perfect specimen. He was asked to select a number between 600 and 800. He chose 700. Then deduct 7 off every number 700 693 686 679... his heart rate started high and slowly relaxed.
Oops Wayne said you have made a mistake... heart rate accelerated.
Then we practiced the relaxation techniques. I have used them since.