Posted by Leanne Jaggs on Feb 10, 2021
So for our last long weekend before Easter, family went down to Pauanui with brother & his family. We did loads of swimming, paddle-boarding & for me lots of walking. One on my bucket list was to climb Pauanui Mountain. What I didn't know was how step it was. 45 minutes of straight up....along ridges that made my heart stop. At one point, I was leaning against a tree, thinking I can't do this, I can't go up, & didn't want to go down either...... So as I was by myself (everyone else sleeping) I had to keep going.
To get to the top was incredible & a lovely family took my photo as proof that I did it...... The trip down was even scarier, but at least not so puffy........ Bucket list done & dusted....never again....NEXT