Posted by Leanne Jaggs

Thankfully Country Life Day (CLD) for Izzy is once again over..........
This year very different as on a Friday with us peering over the fence as needed to be out of school grounds due to COVID-19. But still a great morning. Izzy did sooooooo well, taking out a 1st for Leading, 2nd for calling (there was nothing in this, so just unlucky) & 3rd for effort (a little sad on this one, but them's the breaks)
To add to the lamb, Izzy also got 2nd for her calendar art which is excellent, as we use these for Grandparents Xmas pressies, so always good knowing they are a good, as well as a merit for her Miniature Garden.
Mummy & Daddy very proud, as she worked so hard on both outdoor & indoor exhibits. Mummy & Daddy also glad that the lunchtime & 10pm feeds are now gone!