Posted by Leanne Jaggs
Life after being a Bulletin Editor......... well not much of a rest as dropped this role, only to add I have been on a weekly midnight to 1am conference call, leading up to going to Chicago next week, so super excited. Will also have an article on this, as while there will be having a tour of Evanston Rotary headquarters. (going to see Mum & Dad's photo on the wall too.......)
Besides Rotary, we are in full swing with lambs..... Meet Snowy (Izzy's) & Llammy (Brayden's). It is like having young kids again as feeding times are 7am, 12pm, 5pm & 10pm...... I swear that as soon as we get lambs, I go from a nightowl to wanting to sleep They are super cute, but does mean no going away for the weekend, as lambs need us! Bring on the evening of Sept 14th.