Posted by Leanne Jaggs on Mar 14, 2021
Huge changes for Jaggs family this year as Izzy started brand new school this year. Instead of waiting for year 7 to start at Strathallan with big brother, we took the plunge and put her into the Strath Primary part of school in Year 5, so is heading to school with Brayden.
Does mean both coming and going both at same time, so easier for Mummy. She does miss her old Mauku school friends but we have lots of play dates. Must admit a great move for her, as showed during our recent lockdowns, as had to do her school periods online, missing nothing. Found the first 3 day lockdown tough, as wasn't sure of things, but the week lockdown was much easier and the work she produced was awesome.
She is 1 of 5 girls in her class of 16, so with 11 boys. Primary is certainly male dominated, but evens out when they get to Intermediate. Interesting mix, that is for sure, but love the small ratio...... Will see what 2021 brings for the Jaggs kids, but a great start.