Greg Chaney one of many nephews to our club president Steve Chaney shared with us his journey post the Christchurch earthquakes 2010 – 2011.  Originally from Lower Hutt Greg studied and graduated with a Bachelor in Building Science.  At a young age, employed by Arrow International he found himself amongst the recovery for the Christchurch region.
It was impressive to hear Greg’s experiences and highlighting the issues of the aftermath & causes of damage to residential properties in Christchurch:
  • Ground shaking/acceleration
Which Leads to:
  • Liquefaction
  • Surface rupture
  • Ground Heave
  • Lateral Spreading
  • Landslides
  • Rock Fall
This resulting in damage to dwellings, health and safety concerns, assessment, pre-design, scoping, quantity surveying, tendering contesting, contracts construction or cash settlement.  A lot to take in for any person, however for Greg there was sense that he embraced the challenges as a learning opportunity and to try his best to make things better for a community in a real tough situation.  All was not tough and challenging as Greg managed to make the global news by proposing to his partner for her hand in marriage at one of the local cliff tops to find within seconds the very same spot he proposed at had tumbled into the sea – true story.  Thank you Greg for your story.