Posted by Glynis Carter on Nov 12, 2021
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to the Club, one of us is just 23 - can you guess which one?
Oh, be kind!
Yes our small but mighty club chartered on the 11th of November 1998, Armistice Remembrance Day, with 25 members, as per the list on the honors board that still exists - somewhere! The most recent charter members to resign are Neil Green and Leigh Auton, with Steve, Leanne & I the only remaining of the original 25. Steve was our founding President, and did a load of work recruiting charter members, having decided a breakfast club would suit more with his lifestyle at the time than the evening club he belonged to.
Of course, Leanne was the baby - under 30 - and our 3rd President, with me following the year after. And if you think that the phenomenon of recruiting  members and fast-tracking them to Presidency is new, think again, just ask Kirsten. Russell & Les, who while not charter members have also served the club now for many years. Just a bit of history for the newer members. It would be good to accumulate and document the many activities and achievements we have had over those 23 years, as I get the sense it will be more than we give ourselves credit for.
We will have a celebration in 2 years time for our 25th birthday - hopefully we can plan and congregate more freely than we can at the moment.
Put the 21st Nov and 30th Nov in the diary as we are likely to be able to have fellowship activities on both days, even while keeping to the Covid lockdown rules. And I am sure everyone will be keen to meet face to face again if and when we can. Don't forget to let me know if you would like a Rotary Christmas Pudding - I now have about a half dozen available to sell, $20 each, although we can get more if there is demand.
Talking Christmas on the 13th Nov - I should probably get a fine for that!