Posted by Glynis Carter on Mar 24, 2022
A mixed week of news overall but FINALLY! Some light at the end of the Omicron tunnel. No, not Orange, going down the tiers of traffic lights has proven to be simply too big a step so the analogy has rather failed really as imagine the chaos if the light just went slightly pink, however, we will embrace the relaxing of the protocols regardless of what on earth it is called.
While we have been able to travel internally for a while Rod and I are still catching up on trips that were cancelled between August and Dec last year so this weekend just gone saw us in Pyes Pa, Tauranga with a school friend of mine and her husband. As usual a hilarious (late) Friday night started the weekend with a bang that took most of the rest of it to recover from. A walk around the Mount (I did chicken out on climbing it) and some very bad tennis got our constitution right for a dinner at a Mt Maunganui restaurant called Fife Lane, which was very pleasant, if in an unlikely location for a swanky restaurant. I finished the meal off with a Lemon Meringue Pie cocktail!
Next week we are having a fellowship dinner at Spices Thai so please RSVP to Fiona if you haven't already. Technically it is our mini "changeover" as I pass the baton to Fi for her to start her 15 month presidency. 
The following week we will have a zoom speaker but delivered to us at Friendship House, very exciting, Rob from Food Revolution. Please feel free to bring along any friends and family, let us know numbers if you do.
That's about it from me, please send through articles to Kisa about where you have been, in NZ or now out of it, we are all a bit deprived of the travel bug and it would be good to get inspired and get out of our cocoon! Safe travelling a;; those that do venture out. 
Mt Maunganui