Posted by Glynis Carter on Dec 04, 2021
A successful fellowship evening with great attendance was had last Tuesday evening. Unfortunately best laid plans of fish and chips were thwarted by the local chippy not being open on a Tuesday! But delivery pizza made an adequate substitute, and Leanne's nibbles are the gift that just keeps giving. It was so good to see everyone in person and a taste of what life in the "traffic light" may be like.
My firm's Friday night virtual drinks which have been well attended over the last 100 odd days were suddenly abandoned by my team in favour of them taking advantage of being able to catch up in cafes, bars and restaurants with others. Fair weather friends indeed, but understandable. Must say I am looking forward to go out to dinner with friends tonight (Saturday).
The last meeting for the year on Tuesday, note the change of venue to Pathways, 15 Ronwood Ave, thanks Elaine for making that happen. Come armed with scissors, cellotape and wrapping paper if you can, don't leave it all to our super-shopper, Leanne to supply. We will also have a short Club Assembly to elect President and Secretary for next year.
This will likely be the last bulletin for 2021, after 2020 we thought the COVID 19 disruption was largely behind us - how could we be so naive? 2021 has proved to be a rocky road and I for one won't be sad to see the end of it. Hopefully with Omnicron the lessons learned the hard way with Delta will keep us better prepared. The "get vaccinated", and now "get booster shot" messages are loud and clear. Let's hope in 2022 we can adapt more dynamically and feel like we have regained control of our lives & livelihoods.
No matter how much we grumble, we can count ourselves lucky to live in God's own and as from the 15th Dec be able to explore it again, and catch up with whanau and friends from across the borders that we haven't seen in months.
Enjoy your Christmas, keep safe, happy holidays and Rod & I look forward to catching up with you all on the 23rd January at Leanne & Mike's BBQ.