Posted on Feb 07, 2022
Happy Waitangi Day
We finally have some rain to dampen the Waitangi Day celebrations and long weekend, but it comes at the end of such extremely settled and fabulous summer weather that I don't think anyone can complain. It certainly is not cold.
Since the 17th Dec I have worked just 6 days and consequently am feeling quite relaxed!
Time to get back into regular life however, and with that will be the return to weekly Rotary meetings, the hiatus is over.
Our thanks to Leanne & Mike Jaggs for hosting (and Stuart Searle on the BBQ) our "first meeting" of the year, combined with Pukekohe Club. It was a superb night, filled with fabulous food, good company and hospitality.
Our first regular meeting was at Friendship House on 15th Feb as a Club Planning Meeting - as it is the middle of Feb already we need to kick start and resume our efforts for the rest of the 2021/2022 year including the District Conference.
Next week is a zoom meeting with Lindsay Tait, an ex-tall black who is helping disadvantaged but talented sports youth to succeed. We have invited some other clubs but all friends/whanau are welcome to participate so a good showing from our members would be appreciated. Kristina is on the program in earnest now, and thanks to Steve, Edith and Fiona for putting forward speaker suggestions. Keep them coming please.  
Our final meeting last year appointed Fiona as incoming President (from 1 April 2022 to 30 June 2023) and Secretary Elaine. Thank you both for your commitment to the club.
Also feedback from the Pathways recipient families was awesome, and thanks again to Leanne for her tireless efforts in shopping and co-ordinating the Xmas Pressies.
Check out the Black Tie District 9920 Foundation Dinner on 26th Feb at the Remuera Club. A few members have signed up already so if you are interested be sure to get in quick. The 100 person limit will apply at this  traffic light setting. Vac Pass is required. 
Have a good week, apologies to me for the in person meetings please so that we don't over cater. 
We are also resuming fortnightly conference/directors' meetings on a Monday at 5.30pm via zoom. Please make it whenever you can we have a lot still to get in place for conference.
Busy times ahead and we have to expect disruption will be the norm. Keep safe.