Kerry, Leanne and I went to Napier to the Rotary Conference. We were not disappointed.
On Friday morning Auckland and Napier airports were closed with fog. Ended up arriving 2 hours late. Glynis had told us about the cycle tour around the vineyards. So we booked and she opted out....
We arrived at Ash Ridge 15 minutes late but we had talked some people on the plane to be randoms and pay at the door. We only got to two more vineyards Oak estate and Trinity Hill. Oak estate was serving cheese platters and pate platters so we passed the afternoon in the sun with Russell from Rotary Club of Mangere, and other 3 couples from Remuera and Downtown. And the wine was not half bad. Ended up with a six pack to bring back to the car in the bicycle basket just like my grandmother.
Friday night was cocktails then we went Indian dining with the Papatoetoe Central Club. Southern Indian cuisine. The men drink Johnny Walker Black label by the bottle. Kerry and I declined.. they said it is just a glass of honey wine!
There were 6 guest keynote speakers and take outs were
Dr Tom Mulholland -  use his app KYND and you are personally responsible to look after your own health.
Nigel Latta  - Rotary we must protect the core and innovate around the edges. Define what is Rotary's core?
Mike Williams  - Howard League to get young offenders to stop re offending get them a birth certificate $100, internet access to learn the road code and get them a driver's license. Some need medical assistance like glue ear, glasses, reading difficulties.
Sharon Crean  - Beyond water - a kiwi family supplying simple potable water projects in west Africa. Reminded me of Russell Smith that a potable water supply is first thing to do. 
Janine Elrick  - write a new bucket list. She completed a marathon in Antarctica. Novice sailor who sailed a boat through the Mediterranean to the Canary Islands with a crew of 5.
Harold McMillan -  be authentic to yourself in all situations. Never give parts of yourself away just to fit into situations
Saturday night was Art Deco dinner and dance. Great food and a live band with hardly any breaks, Leanne and Edith were amongst the few still dancing at midnight. (Steve even commented I wore a stunning dress - more in Editors
Good conference: recharged for another year and a lot to think about.