In our own small way we make a difference to our community.
We have nominated Minna Popata from Aorere College as our young women candidate to the IYM Innovative Young Minds Rotary programme. Thank you to Pelu for interviewing the candidates and selecting Minna for the programme. We will pay her fee for the course and my have to assist with her airfare to Wellington.
Sian McAleer visited the club with her solo mother Rachael. They had come to our meeting the week before but at 7pm. She was surprised by the presence of security guards and the large number of men attending the Anger Management courses. Rachael said to me is that Mr Smith? She was taught at primary school by Russell!
Sian is representing Counties who has been selected to represent NZ at the Touch Youth Champs 14-22nd September Sunshine Coast Australia. Sian has to personally raise $3500 to attend. Sian is a pupil at Sancta Maria College, studying NCEA level 2 and last year received academic honours in NCEA level 1. Rachael would like her family to come to the Trivial Pursuit fundraiser.
Remember keep selling, only $25 tickets, to our Trivial Pursuit on Saturday 15th June at Kedgely Intermediate. Royal theme. Cash bar. We will need prizes for the charity auction and our able auctioneer Kerry. Glynis do you still have the pink gin....?