Posted by Glynis Carter
Hmmm, the big fish story, not much of a story, but oh well:
It would be fair to say that while Rod & I try often to catch fish, we are regularly disappointed and return home with an empty chilli-bin (no, and not one that I have drunk all the contents of thank you). With low expectations to save on disappointment we embarked on an excursion into Mercury Bay a few weeks back, our desperation to be back on the water overcame the look of the ugly swell that was rolling in, and that did not abate any when we anchored. Rod, who doesn’t normally suffer motion sickness, was for some reason feeling queasy from the get-go, so it didn’t help his demeanour or colour (green) at all when after his initial throw-back snapper, I caught five fish in a row. Three under-sized snapper, a small kingy, and this baby, at 62 cm. The funniest thing was that both the kingfish and the snapper latched onto my rod while it was in the rod-holder, my interest in the whole episode had waned in favour of in the first case eating lunch, and in the second pouring a drink with the catch-phrase “A dry boat catches no fish”. So effectively the rod-holder makes a better fisher-woman than I do! And all without spilling a drop!