Posted by Leanne Jaggs
An interesting Saturday night I had this past weekend, as Izzy had her first Brownie Disco. Theme was none other than 80’s, so I knew I could do this one well………. Soooooo love “Look Sharp” store, as attached is a photo of Little Miss & our neighbor. They cleaned up too……..Ruby won the Limbo contest & Izzy won best dressed……….So some super excited girls I had on my car, that was for sure.
So there was lots of colour (obviously, as what else was the 80’s) & have to say the DJ was amazing, as girls dancing around the whole time. Funniest was the 80’s music they played. So good for all ages, so they were in their element. (If only I could share the sneaky video’s I took… Was 5-7pm, & thankfully after the prizes done, I got the “Can we go now” which was 6.30pm. Trip through McD’s for dinner, I delivered 2 happy but tired girls home…….