Paul Burns has only been in the role at Big Buddy for about 18 months, but has gone so quickly as enjoys what he does.
The approach that Big Buddy took was first looking at the Statistics. 80% of youth are male, 80% don't have Dad's in lives or any male influence.  So their initial focus was support & help.
Buddy's have to have free time, a big heart & don't need qualifications. No programme, no training, just need to show up & do what is natural
Most resource & cost is actually in vetting. A 7 step process, from Police references, home check, have time to do this & not over committed.
Match the boys with males of the same interest.
8000 boys don't have Dad's in NZ. Big Buddy has matched 800 so far with next step being Tauranga & then ChCh.
Boys aren't broken, just don't have a male influence. Mum's & caregivers doing a great job, but just missing the male influence. Something for our male members to think about, as so much to offer.