Dave Wylie, a fellow Rotarian from RC Howick Inc gave a great insight to being a business mentor & some of his stories that he has had.
It all started with a picture of a giraffe, where at first Dsve thought was quite stupid, but when thinking more of the why, found that if you think about Giraffe's, they see things from a different prospective & see things that others don't.
The other tool that Dave uses is a mirror. When looking into a mirror, you see how others see you.....
Dave shared many observations.
- Small businesses start with dreams & hopes, but don't have a plan.
- find that market changes, people change but many businesses are staying the same as don't want to change. (funny, sounds like Rotary!)
What is important:
- You need a plan. Needs to be a written one, one you look at each day as a reminder. Make sure you have a clear purpose, & not just for you, more for what your customer is going to get out of this.
- encourage leadership no matter what job everyone has. Be a master of your field.
- Look for opportunities to grow.
- How to improve performance, eg, taking 10 minutes off a task. Can give you huge savings in the end.
- Learning from previous weeks. Can this be made better? How?
Dave found that you don't need to know everything, as sometimes not knowing about something, turns out to be the best as you have a different prospective & ask different questions.
Dave ended with one of his favourite quotes from Dame Whina Cooper, which was awesome, as one of Steve's favourites as well (thanks for helping with full translation too) She said it best:
He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata
He tangata
He tangata
What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people
It is people
It is people