Posted by Leanne Jaggs
Our guest speaker this week was none other than our lovely Sally, who gave us a rundown of what it was like being a tour guide to the, shall we say more "Mature" adults. You could tell by the way Sally told her story, how much she enjoyed being a tour guide, & how now everything is completely up in the air, as travel as we knew it will never be the same ever again.
The places Sally has been too, some not quite the norm on a travel trip, but knows many good & not so good hospitals. Can keep everyone in the dark with what really is going on with the more needy of her travellers. Maybe as an excellent writer, a funny book could come out of her trips & stories she could tell........
For myself, as I love travel it was extremely interesting to listen, laugh & go wow......but then get extremely depressed after the meeting, knowing that all my wonderful 2020 organised travel is now being cancelled & not knowing when if ever we will ever get to do my big birthday trip........ Love how I keep hearing, it's time for everyone to see New Zealand & appreciate what we have. Nooooooooooo I don't want too....... I love NZ, but I get very cranky when I can't travel, so all I can say is watch this