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Just a brief one today, as got a bit on the plate, Had a visit from our Assistant Governor Vinod Sareen this morning, even though we had a small turn out this morning, I'm sure that he appreciated the energy and fun our Club enjoys.
Steve and I attended the Dinner last Friday night for the RYLA Attendees, all 118 of them, including our young man Rico, What a nice guy, and I could see he really got a lot out of the week. Steve went and picked him up on Saturday morning to take him back home, and he did nothing but talk about the week all the way home, so I'm sure he will gain a lot from that experience.
Don't forget Directors Meeting this Thursday at 5.30pm at Peter Hay Kitchens,
Cheers  Kerry T   
Last one guys.... Kisa is on the job from next week, even if she doesn't know
Happy to say that it was worth missing District Changeover as OMG my Dance Show was a total surprise...... Firstly I managed to do it without falling flat on my face, but total surprise I got the groups, "Most improved" for my class. Just to add to this, so did little miss Izzy....... She was so funny, as come Sunday, I got......"Morning dancing Queen Mummy, & guess what I am dancing Princess then....." Too cute!
So it is over & out from me.......3+ years, time for me to pass the mantle to someone else...... Good luck Kisa.......xx
THIS WEEK - Rex Chaney
Always great to see Rex back at our club, but hearing his low down on things like the Southern Motorway, well.........hmmmmmmmmm
Interesting to hear how many of the major roadworks are not on track $ wise & scary to hear some are $125 million over budget...... Take Southern Motorway for example, cost was meant to be $100m, looking to be $450m...... And to make it worse, still a few years to go...... Not a happy camper........
The other stories were just as scary & nothing but ching ching.
Always great to have Rex come back for his interesting if not scary stories. Just hope that he gets his kitchen project done quickly......
Rico Pokoaki will be sharing his week on RYLA with us. Those of the club that have already met him, know he is an amazing young man with a huge future. Glad we could help him on his journey.
Izzy Princess dancing Queen
Last weekend not only Izzy, but Brayden & I attended our July Groovit Dance Hip Hop Show........ All dressed in black pants & red Groovit t-shirts, we had the Junior Show mid afternoon & Senior in evening........  Was certainly an experience & we have been working on these dances for 2 terms...... I don't think I have ever practiced so much ever, but dance was awesome & fun to do. (super glad it is FINALLY
PS. Look how old our little girl looks. 7.......really?????????
As mentioned, I am stepping down as Bulletin Editor. To make it easier for someone to take on & have less time needed to put it together, have devised a way of our members to step up & help out.
So each week I will put out a spreadsheet giving a member a date in the month. They will look after the intro needed the week prior to the speaker coming, will be the host & then after meeting will write a small blurb for the bulletin, so you will own this for the speaker. It will make a HUGE difference to the time involved to the Bulletin Editor, but NEEDS to be done. Not like the stories I am still waiting on....... seriously, going to put my foot down, if doesn't happen, will be a very small bulletin, as I won't be taking notes & babysitting. (can you tell I have had a tough Rotary week)
02-07-19 Leanne
09-07-19 Leanne
16-07-19 Steve
23-07-19 Kisa
30-07-19 5th Tues - Dinner meeting
In our usual fashion, no meeting on Tues 30th as our 5th Tuesday in the month. I have booked the following for this night.
Melba Manukau
1 Ronwood Ave (opposite Farmers)
Time: 6.30pm
Please advise numbers to Leanne by Tues 23rd
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