Well super excited to have someone to step up & take over being Bulletin Editor……..thank you so much Kisa, as think this will be a perfect job for you while away in Japan, as will also show you can be very “remote” & be able to contribute & remain a vital part of our wonderful club.
I do thank everyone that has contributed over the years I have been doing this, plus putting up with my constant nagging for material. That won’t change with Kisa taking over…..lol…….
As mentioned at our meeting this week & in last weeks bulletin, we are changing things up, to make it easier for the Bulletin Editor, plus gives the ENTIRE club an inside to how the bulletin works. The spreadsheet will be in each weeks bulletin with a month’s worth of names. If you are on the list, & know you can’t make the meeting, it is up to you to swap with a fellow member. Your responsibility………. This will only work if everyone does their little part. Only talking once every 2 months or so, & if we get more members this will spread out even more. (incentive or what to get more members…..lol)
So you will have to do a small blurb for the bulletin the week before. (Mr Google will be your best friend, as also good to have a photo to go with blurb) You then be the “Host” for the speaker, & after meeting write up a story on what they spoke on……easy……… (Please note, cut off for info will be Wed evening, as bulletin “tries” to be out by Thurs or Fri at latest)