2020 for Jaggs family is HUGE........ starting with Brayden starting Intermediate........ Where has my little Rotary baby gone.......all grown up...... He is now catching bus outside our place, heading off to Strathallan in Karaka at 7.30am, then home around 4pm. Having all his friends heading to Pukekohe Intermediate & not knowing anyone, he is loving it. Got a text first day, saying "Big day over, great day, love the school"...... I can tell you, it was the longest day of Mummy's life....... Thankful that he had a great start & made some new friends.
Have to admit, Rotary has helped Brayden so much. From the million of meetings he has been dragged to over the years, he can honestly talk to anyone. No fear on meeting new people, so thank you Rotary, you have given him an inner strength that we get to see now.