Pepetau and Matilda our ROMAC Mother and daughter from Vanuatu leave Aotearoa on Wednesday April 3rd to return home. Elaine will take them to the airport. Thank you Elaine for everything you have done.
Elaine took them and another Vanuatu Mother Mary with her son to the zoo last Sunday. She now remembers why the zoo is not a regular visit on her calendar.
Matilda has grown so much and put on weight after her operation. She is now walking.
When Edith and I visited a couple of weekends ago we learned from Pepetau that she had been living on one of the main islands in ROMAC accommodation. She had not seen her husband or her other 5 children for over a year. Her sister was looking after her children
ROMAC will get her back to Vanuatu but there is a gap of a flight and a ferry trip to get them both out to the outer island where they live. They are very poor and Peptau has no money to get home.
Elaine is going to talk to ROMAC to get a quote for the flight and the ferry for our club to pay the last stages of her journey.
On another note the handbag project has captured the imagination of many Rotarians. We have a pile of handbags in Leanne’s garage to make into care packs.
There is no Rotary after Easter though Remuera and St Johns Rotary have an ANZAC day breakfast at 730am on Thursday 25th April if anyone is interested on attending Dawn Parade at the museum followed by breakfast?
Also Remuera Rotary Club have a Trivial Pursuit night to raise funds for the Oxygen Project on Friday 12th April. Could we get a table together?
Tuesday 30th April is the 5th Tuesday of April so we will be going out somewhere for dinner!